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Conference presentations

García-Carrión, R. (2014) “Elementary School Children’s Personal Epistemology: Contributions for Exploring Dialogic Learning Environments”, paper accepted for the American Educational Research Association Meeting (AERA), Philadelphia (USA), April 3-7.

Kershner, R.; Hargreaves, L.; García-Carrión, R. (2013) “Understanding children’s personal epistemologies through dialogue”, paper accepted for the British Psychological Society. Psychology of Education Section Annual Conference. York, United Kingdom, 2013, November, 8-10.


Personal epistemology of children and their relation with learning methods and processes.

Report about the state of the art in terms of the international research about personal epistemologies and their relationship with the school learning.

Guidelines and contributions about the implementation of the communicative methodology in the area of personal epistemologies with children and their families.