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a project to develop transitional programmes for people with profound and complex learning difficulties.

What is the project about?

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When the time comes for young people with profound and complex learning difficulties to leave school, there are generally very few options available to them. This project, which is funded by the National Lottery Fund, is designed to address this issue.

What are the projects aims?

Through our work we want to:

  • create new opportunities for young people with profound and complex learning difficulties;
  • find the best ways of organising these opportunities;
  • work with all the support services;
  • make sure young people's needs and wishes are heard

Who is involved?

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SKILL, the National Bureau for Students with Disabilities, manage the budget. They will share the responsibility for managing the research and disseminating the outcomes.

The Faculty of Education are carrying out the research. The research team consists of Liz Maudslay (Project Manager), Lesley Dee (Project Director) and Richard Byers and Helen Hayhoe (Research Officers).

The Further Education Development Agency, FEDA are facilitating the dissemination.

What will be produced?

  • a report for policy-makers and managers;
  • a multi-modal pack of materials for practitioners

How are we doing this?

We have begun with a survey of what is happening in England and Wales. Based on what we have found, we are working with four action research sites in different parts of the country:

The young people in these action research sites, with their parents or enablers, professionals and other members of the community, are helping us to develop new and exciting ways of working. We are also talking to managers and policy-makers.

During the final stages of the project we will work with 20 or so organisations around the country on a comprehensive staff development programme, using our materials and approaches.

How long will the project last?

Three years. Work began in September 1999 and will finish in August 2002.