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Biddenham International School and Sports College is one of the newest members of the SUPER collaborative. The main reason for our involvement in the project is in helping to facilitate our aim of transforming professional learning as the key to improving outcomes for students. Central to that transformation is the development of a research culture within school, so that Biddenham becomes a vibrant learning environment for both students and staff.

Prior to joining the SUPER partnership Biddenham was involved in a two year Creative Partnerships project looking at developing and fostering creativity across the school. This work permeated through whole school professional development and more focussed projects were facilitated through our Professional Learning Group, a forum for teachers to share good practice. The overarching enquiry question ‘What is the best environment for learning?’ formed the basis of our explorations and the impact on cross-curricular working and classroom practice has been significant.

A joint research project on pupil engagement was an ideal starting point for our involvement with SUPER as not only is engagement one of our whole school development priorities, but it also allowed us to take forward some of what we have learned over the previous two years. The processes and structures that resulted from the Creative Partnerships project served to implement the plan for the pupil engagement project at Biddenham.

We already have many staff at Biddenham who have completed or are currently engaged in Masters level research and we are keen to harness the expertise that already exists, disseminating it more widely across the school and the SUPER partnership.

Teacher Research Leads: Jane Morris

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