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Lincroft and Sharnbrook Upper School

Sharnbrook has a long history of involvement with educational research. Teachers at every level, from trainee to senior management are encouraged to participate in enquiry as part of their professional development. Research is used to inform practice at a range of levels, from senior managers working with school improvement and development plans, to teachers working in their individual classrooms.

The school offers support for masters level and doctorate study for staff and this has involved over 30 members of staff during the last 5 years. Systematic enquiry has underpinned many other accredited courses undertaken recently, including MLDP and TLAs. There are many other examples of how research has been conducted to meet individual and collaborative professional and departmental agendas.

Examples of recent research enquiries:

• What happens when we talk to pupils about their learning mindsets?

• Disseminating practitioner research in the school: The challenges and complexities

• Making the grade with the “ping” generation: assertive mentoring and the impact of social network sites.

Currently the school is involved in researching a variety of projects to enhance pupil engagement with their learning, and it is notable that this is now extending to pupils in other schools in our Academy Federation and Trust.

Our school website:

Teacher Research Lead: David Bennett