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St Ivo School

Staff involvement with SUPER has resulted in staff successfully completing the MEd programme over the past four cohorts. At Present six SUPER MEd graduates remain at the school, all of whom continue to engage in research within their classroom and beyond through their TLR and management responsibilities.

With Sam Griffin now in place as our headteacher, St Ivo now starts the next chapter in its life. This has offered an ideal opportunity for our staff to reflect on the teaching, learning and assessment at St Ivo, where we have come from and how we could move forward.

We recently worked with with Frank Cornellison and his work on research networks to help inform our quest to increase the formal and informal opportunities for staff to reflect, research and improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment.

Other smaller scale research projects currently being undertaken are largely focused around disadvantaged students and the gap in their achievement. These include a Closing the gap intervention audit and analysis as well as a past MEd research project looking at the link between disadvantaged student achievement and extra-curricular engagement.

Teacher Research Lead: Anne Barratt