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Education, Psychology and Learning: Is It Right for Me?


Academic potential and enthusiasm

We welcome all students who have the academic potential and enthusiasm to do well on the course. The Education Tripos attracts students from all different backgrounds and many different parts of the world; there is no 'typical' Education student.

Wide ranging intellectual interests and commitment

If you are a person with a wide-ranging set of intellectual interests and a commitment to the importance of education, then the Education Tripos may be ideally suited to you. The psychology track prepares students for the critical analysis and advanced understanding of human learning, development and education in a variety of settings.

Passion and drive to succeed

If you have a passion for the subject, the drive to succeed on the course, and the potential to thrive academically, we want to hear from you.

You might be interested in the Education, Psychology and Learning track if:

  • You are interested in studying aspects of child development, special educational needs, school learning and assessment, and creativity and identity;
  • You have studied and enjoyed Psychology or another social science (although this is not essential);
  • You are interested in a career in educational psychology, research, neuroscience or another related field.

What is a typical Education student?

There’s no typical academic profile of a student on the Education, Psychology and Learning track, and we don’t require you to have studied any specific subjects at A-level (or equivalent), because applicants come from such a wide variety of backgrounds. Visit the Apply section for more information about admissions.

Find out more

Please read some of the University’s general advice about Post-16 subject choices. If you are interested in the course but are not sure whether it’s right for you, please email us at