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Education, Psychology and Learning: Students' View




The stuff you learn on this course is a really different sort of thing. You really get to know the theories and ideas and are constantly inspired to keep looking up the cool things the lecturers slip in in the lectures. For example, we look into how we form our meanings from the things we read and watch by watching short clips or listening to stories and it really makes us see how miraculous our brain really is.

This course really makes you a more all rounded thinker; we learn to think like a sociologist, a psychologist, a historian and a philosopher amongst other things.

The concept of education is embedded into our lives in all forms; so if you like the idea of learning and being subject to more knowledge day after day, then you really should apply and you won’t regret it.

I am really looking forward to the Research project in the third year, because that will bridge the gap between us being just students to actually conducting the types of research our lecturers talk about.



The spectrum of disciplines is woven together in such a well-considered manner that each aspect complements each other, such as sociology of education and psychology of education - you can draw on lecture materials from one lecture to help strengthen the argument in another essay.

Being taught by the leading figures in every arena of my study is such a buzz. To be able to actively discuss and debate the topics they have lectured on in supervisions is a real privilege but also really gets you thinking through active learning.

The fact that the course combination is uniquely individual and has such a breadth of opportunity during study and after graduation is very special. Education is a rich and varied Tripos, where you will definitely find your niche.



My interest in education started when I was doing volunteering work with a group of children with leukaemia back in Beijing. This is my best experience so far as I realized my capability to help the children and their parents rebuild confidence and raise their hope for better futures. However, I encountered some obstacles during my interactions with the children and I felt the need to gain more insights into special education as well as psychotherapeutic counselling. Therefore, I chose to study Education and Cambridge has offered me far more than I ever expected.

The lectures are interactive and sometimes they will be held in the psychology lab where you can experiment on your classmates and enjoy a fun 1-hour of being a researcher. The supervision system is extremely helpful as you can get feedback from lecturers who are leaders in your field of study. Also, you are provided with the chance to study a wide range of subjects within education that will definitely broaden your horizon and open doors to new possibilities for your future career. Equally important, you will meet a number of like-minded people who will surely be your best friends for a lifetime.