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Bulgarian Sunday School

Българско неделно училище “Св Иван Рилски”, Кеймбридж


The decision to establish the Bulgarian Sunday School 'St. Ivan Rilski' in 2014 in Cambridge was driven by a strong desire to create an organisation preserving the Bulgarian language, culture and customs amongst the Bulgarian community in England. Our aim was to found a centre for the preservation and development of these cultural characteristics and symbols.

Our school is a centre where our children can learn to speak and write in the language their grandparents did. We are responsible to retain our Bulgarian roots through language, identity, music, dances and customs.

At the Bulgarian Sunday School 'St. Ivan Rilski' children have the opportunity to receive quality education in Bulgarian language and literature, geography and history of Bulgaria, music and art. In addition we teach Bulgarian folk dances, customs, culture and traditions.

Our students are between the ages of 3 and 15. The teachers are highly qualified. Our school is supported by the Bulgarian Educational Ministry. Therefore we award certificates recognised in Bulgaria at the end of each academic year. This enables students to continue their education in Bulgaria if they return back to the country.

We are part of the Association of the Bulgarian Schools Abroad and we work with the Cambridge Bilingual groups, too.

Bulgarian Sunday School, 69 Rock Road, Cambridge, CB1 7UG