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Research Resources and Links


Asset Languages Project, Cambridge Assessment, University of Cambridge

Bilingualism Matters, University of Edinburgh

Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Languages of the Wider World, SOAS, University of London

Centre for Language, Culture and Learning, Goldsmith, University of London

Community Languages in Higher Education Project: Routes into Languages

Community Languages in Wales

Critical Connections, Goldsmith, the University of London

Evaluation of the Welsh Language Strategy

Home, Heritage, Community Languages Advisory Group (British Council and Association for Language Learning)

Toolkit for Promoting the Welsh Language in the Community

NALDIC (National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum)

NATECLA (National Association for Teaching English and other Community Languages to Adults)

National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE)

Our Languages Project, UK

Parentzone, Scotland, UK

Promoting Language Policy, University of Cambridge

Scotland National Centre for Languages

Special Interest Group for World Languages, Association for Language Learning

The Languages Gateway: The UK's Portal for Languages

The MOSAIC Centre for Research on Multilingualism, University of Birmingham

The National Centre for Languages, UK


CEFR Companion Volume, European Union

Centre for Applied Linguistics, USA

Centre for Multicultural and Intercultural Communication, Stony Brooks University, USA

Centre for Research in Chinese Language and Literacy Education, University of British Columbia, Canada

Chinese Heritage Language Education & Research, Department of Foreign Languages, University of Toledo, USA

Education and Languages, Language Policy, Council of Europe, Belgium

European Cooperation of Science and Technology (COST Action): New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe

European Research Centre on Multilingualism and Language Learning, Stockholm University, Sweden

Heritage Languages in America, Centre for Applied Linguistics, Washington, USA

Heirtage Language Journal

Heritage Language Research Institute, USA

Heritage Language Education Network, Europe 

Language at the Heart of Learning Programme, Council of Europe, Belgium

Language Friendly School Initiative, Rutu Foundation, the Netherlands

Literacy Education and Second Language Learning for Adults

Jyväskylä Discourse Hub, Finland

Journal of Home Language Research

Language on the Move, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants, Council of Europe, European Union

Migrant and Language Education Section, European Centre for Modern Languages, Council of Europe, European Union

Research Center for Multilingualism, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

UCLA International Institute, Center for World Languages, USA

Teaching America's English Language Learners, USA