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Cambridge Chinese Cultural School

cccs logo剑桥中国文化学校

To love and to serve

The Cambridge Chinese Cultural School’s mission is to advocate early education, strive to promote Chinese language and culture, cultivate students' morality, mindset, creativity and appreciation of Chinese arts. To pursue excellence, be passionate, dedicated and have an international perspective.

In order to arouse students’ interest in the study and preparing them for future challenges, digital teaching has been launched, with our tailor-made E-books, online tutorials, and YouTube movie, students are surrounded by Chinese learning atmosphere all the time. Community services are organised regularly, allowing students to love and to serve.

All of our teachers hold an education degree or relevant teaching certificates and accumulate at least 5 years’ teaching experience in mainland China, Hong Kong, and the UK.

Our pupil’s age ranges from toddlers to adults, they are allocated to groups best suited for their age and linguistic abilities and study towards GCSE, A LEVEL Chinese and Business Chinese (HSK). In 2019, 100% of our students achieved A** Level 9 in the GCSE Chinese exams, serving as a good example to the younger colleagues who aspire to follow in their footsteps. We believe education is about Life affects Life, as parents & teachers, we have to be a role model for the next generation. Not only to inspire learning but also to cater to their mental and psychological need. As we always emphasize Cambridge Chinese Cultural School is a place for students, parents, and teachers to learn and grow, thus we regularly offer workshops, training, community service, and performances opportunities to broaden their horizons. Our School maintains close ties with other schools and educational groups in Cambridge, Mainland China, and Hong Kong, by organising Chinese classes, after school clubs and academic exchange, teachers’ conference, devoted to serving to a broader extent.