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Polish Saturday School

Polska Szkoła Sobotnia w Cambridge

logoPolish Saturday School in Cambridge was formed 65 years ago and has since operated thanks to the groups of dedicated individuals (teachers and parents alike) under the auspices of the Polish Educational Society

Throughout its history the school has changed the venues, increased in the number of pupils and evolved the profile of its programme, teaching both the bilingual pupils as well as those with the predominant Polish or English language.

All teachers are highly qualified and experienced, devoted to providing best education and best care to the children left in their charge by equally committed parents.

Our pupils’ age ranges from 6 to 15; they are assigned to groups best suited for their age and linguistic abilities and study towards GSCE Polish, taking also classes in Polish history, geography and religious studies. We provide also tuition to those wishing to take As and A-level Polish.  Over the years our pupils achieved best marks, serving as good example to the younger colleagues who aspire to follow in their footsteps.

We take part in the events organised by the Polish Educational Society – conferences and training sessions for the teachers, interschool competitions and Sport Day for the pupils. School performances, trips to the theatre, visiting drama groups, or invited speakers allow children to further broaden their horizons and enjoy their time with us.

The school maintains close ties with other educational and social groups catering for the Polish children in Cambridge like mothers and toddlers group, Child Development Academy, Young Readers’ Club, Drama Club, Polish folk dance group and the library at the Polish Club. Pupils are also encouraged to join Polish cubs and scouts groups meeting after classes on Saturdays.