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Tyler Denmead


University Lecturer of Arts and Creativity in Education

E-mail Address


+ 44 (0)1223 767634


  • Ph.D., University of Cambridge (Queens’ College), Education, May 2011
  • M.Phil. (distinction), University of Cambridge (Queens’ College), Education, May 2008
  • B.A., Brown University, History of Art and Architecture, May 2007

Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

  • National Art Education Association
  • Editorial Review Board, Art Education
  • B.A., Brown University, History of Art and Architecture, May 2007

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My main research project examines how discursive representations of youth and creativity have been entangled in reconfiguring cities for the benefit of affluent people and White people. Working with critical theories of racial capitalism and settler colonialism, I critiquing one popular logic of urban progress, that of the creative city, which presumes that forward-looking cities are those which are refashioned from dangerous, disordered and Black to young, creative and White—while ignoring how this racialized discourse mobilises processes of gentrification often at the expense of young people of colour and in perpetuation of occupying Indigenous land. I am examining possibilities for cultural pedagogies that expand the scope for justice within this specific urban reconfiguration.

My research projects in the future are using performative pedagogies to engage in internal structural analyses of education institutions (see my performance #T2WRemoteOffice), as well as exploring the arts activism of Stuart Hall.

I began my career in arts education as an undergraduate at Brown University, when I founded New Urban Arts, a youth arts collective for high school students and artists based in Providence, Rhode Island (1997). I led the organization for a decade, and now New Urban Arts is a nationally recognized organization that serves hundreds of young people each year. For two decades, I have been primarily invested intellectually in how to create pedagogic opportunities in the arts and outside schools where young people of colour from working-class and low-income backgrounds can be their best selves.

Academic Area/Links

  • Culture, Politics, and Global Justice
  • Arts and Creativities
  • Race, Empire, and Education Collective

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Research Topics

  • Youth and cities research
  • Race and arts education
  • Unravelling White supremacy
  • Decolonizing the arts education curriculum
  • Cultural Studies, and in particular, Stuart Hall
  • The pedagogies of Black contemporary art
  • Ethnography
  • The arts in educational research
  • Creative workforce development and education
  • Community-based arts education


  • Arts, Creativity, and Education MPhil program
  • Creativity and Thinking Undergraduate Tripos
  • Researching Practice MEd.

I am accepting PhD students.

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Current Research Projects

Denmead, T. (forthcoming) Creative Underclass: Youth, Labor, and the 21st Century City. Durham, North Carolnia: Duke University Press.

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Principal and Recent Publications

Denmead, Tyler. “The Creative Underclass: Youth, Culture, and the 21st Century City” (in press, Duke University Press).

Denmead, T. “On the concept of youth in art education: A review of the literature,” for Studies in Art Education vol. 59. No. 1 (2018).

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Denmead, T. “Remixing the released imagination,” for Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education vol. 32 (2015): pp. 72-87.

Denmead, T. “Dialogue and democracy through museum education: A review essay,” for International Journal of Education & the Arts vol 15. Review 1. (2014): Retrieved December 3, 2015 from

Denmead, T. and Brown, R.N. “Ride or die: An instructional resource,” for Art Education vol. 67. No. 6 (2014): pp. 47-53.

Denmead, T. “Artists against despotic nations? The muddle of creative workforce policy,” for International Journal of Education Through Art, Special Issue: Creative Industries vol. 9. No. 3 (2013): pp. 327-341.

Denmead, T. and Hickman, R. “Viscerality and slowliness: An anatomy of artists’ pedagogies with reference to time and material,” for International Journal of Education and the Arts vol. 13. No. 9 (2012): pp. 1-18.

Denmead, T. “The makers of new words: A principally ethnographic account of community artists’ language,” for International Journal of Education Through Art vol. 8. No. 3 (2012): pp. 239-252.

Denmead, T. “Being and becoming: Elements of pedagogies described by three East Anglian creative practitioners,” for International Journal of Thinking Skills and Creativity vol. 6. No. 1 (2011): pp. 57-66.

Denmead, T. “Meeting and extending: Pedagogies of three community artists,” for Journal of Arts and Communities vol. 1. No. 3 (2011): pp. 235-246.