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Diane Reay

E-mail Address


BA Hons in Politics and Economics (Newcastle)
PGCE (Newcastle)
MA in Human Rights and Education (London University)
PhD in Social Sciences (South Bank University)

Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

BERA (British Educational Research Association)
BSA (British Sociological Association)
Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS)

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Diane Reay is Professor of Education at Cambridge University. She is a sociologist working in the area of education but is also interested in broader issues of the relationship between the self and society, the affective and the material. Her priority has been to engage in research with a strong social justice agenda that addresses social inequalities of all kinds.

Her research has a strong theoretical focus and she is particularly interested in developing theorisations of social class and the ways in which it is mediated by gender and ethnicity. This has resulted in researching areas as diverse as boys' underachievement, Black supplementary schooling, higher education access, female management in schools, and pupil peer group cultures.

Research projects include a study of children's relationships to space and place in the city, a project on parental involvement in education and research which develops Pierre Bourdieu's conceptual framework in order to understand gendered and racialised class processes. Recently completed ESRC-funded projects include ones on children's transitions to secondary schooling , choice of higher education, and students' identities and participation as learners. She is currently directing an ESRC project which examines white, middle class identities through an exploration of educational choice. Professor Reay has supervised PhD students across a wide range of areas including Jewish women teachers, psycho-analytic approaches to social class, pupil peer group cultures in primary schools and parental involvement in nurseries.

As well as being an executive editor of British Journal of Sociology of Education, she is on the editorial boards of  the Journal of Education Policy and Cultural Sociology.

Academic Area/Links

  • Sociology of Education
  • Social Class Theory
  • Education Policy
  • Gender and Education
  • Primary Education
  • Higher Education
  • Race and Ethnicity

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Research Topics

  • Bourdieu's Theory of Practice
  • Social Class
  • Masculinities and femininities in Education
  • Higher Education Choice and Access
  • Pupil Peer Group Cultures
  • Pupil consultation and the social conditions of learning
  • Social Identities
  • Psycho-social approaches to Identity

Current Research Project

MRC/ESRC Life Study Project 2011-

Recent Research Projects

ESRC Social Identities Project on the White Middle Classes and Comprehensive Schooling
May 2005 to October 2007

ESRC TLRP Project on The Socio-cultural experiences of working-class students in HE
January 2006-April 2008

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Course Involvement

  • MPhil: Politics, Democracy and Education
  • Education Studies Tripos: Sociology of Education
  • PhD supervision

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Selected Publications

Diane Reay (2012) What does a socially just educational system look like: Separating the minnows from the pike.Journal of Education Policy  Special issue on socially just education

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