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ARCHIVE: This material is no longer maintained and should be viewed for reference only

CJE: Articles appearing in Volume 36 No.1

March 2006

General Issue:
Editor: Lani Florian

Obituary: Annabelle Dixon
Mary Jane Drummond

Obituary: Rex Gibson
David Bridges

Lani Florian

Digital connections: transforming literacy in the primary school
Cathy Burnett, Paul Dickinson, Julia Myers and Guy Merchant

Pupils' word choices and the teaching of grammar
Dominic Wyse

Learning about learning in the primary school
Kate Bullock and Yolande Muschamp

From teaching citizenship to learning democracy: overcoming individualism in research, policy and practice
Gert Biesta and Robert Lawy

McSchools for McWorld? Mediating global pressures with a McDonaldizing education policy response
Gary Wilkinson

'She doesn't shout at no girls': pupils' perceptions of gender equity in the classroom
Debra Myhill and Susan Jonesn

Troubling identities: teacher education students' constructions of class and ethnicity
Andrea C. Allard and Ninetta Santoro

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