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Cambridge Journal of Education

Volume 49 Number 1 February 2019



Changing attitudes to cultural difference: perceptions of Muslim families in English schools
Sarah Pearce & Kirstin Lewis

The significance of a process evaluation in interpreting the validity of an RCT evaluation of a complex teaching intervention: the case of Integrated Group Reading (IGR) as a targeted intervention for delayed Year 2 and 3 pupils
G. Koutsouris, B. Norwich & J. Stebbing

Datafying the teaching ‘profession’: Remaking the professional teacher in the image of data
Steven Lewis & Jessica Holloway

Nurturing Learning or Encouraging Dependency? Teacher Constructions of Students in Lower Attainment Groups in English Secondary Schools
Anna Mazenod, Becky Francis, Louise Archer, Jeremy Hodgen, Becky Taylor, Antonina Tereshchenko & David Pepper

Learning about the past: exploring the opportunities and challenges of using an outdoor learning approach
Richard Harris & Helen Bilton

The politics of student voice: Unravelling the multiple discourses articulated in schools
Jennifer Charteris & Dianne Smardon

The role of family literacy classes in demystifying school literacies and developing closer parent-school relations
Jon Swain & Olga Cara

Cambridge Journal of Education

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