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ARCHIVE: This material is no longer maintained and should be viewed for reference only

Cambridge Journal of Education

Volume 42 Number 2 June 2012

The value of a generalist journal and the Cambridge Journal of Education


Ambience in social learning: student engagement with new designs for learning spaces
Charles Crook and Gemma Mitchell

Educational reforms, cultural clashes and classroom practices
Xiao Lan Curdt-Christiansen and Rita Elaine Silver

Disproportionate over-representation of Indigenous students in New South Wales government special schools
Linda J. Graham

Reality aftershock and how to avert it: second-year teachers’ experiences of support for their professional development
Andrew J.Hobson and Patricia Ashby

Refugee education and justice issues of representation, redistribution and recognition
Amanda Keddie

Adolescent bully-victims: social health and the transition to secondary school
Leanne Lester, Donna Cross, Thérèse Shaw and Julian Dooley

Spatial pedagogy: mapping meanings in the use of classroom space
F.V. Lim, K.L. O_Halloran and A. Podlasov

Viewing restorative approaches to addressing challenging behaviour of minority ethnic students through a community of practice lens
Janice Wearmouth and Mere Berryman

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Cambridge Journal of Education

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