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ARCHIVE: This material is no longer maintained and should be viewed for reference only

Cambridge Journal of Education

Volume 43 Number 2 June 2013


Post-secular schooling: freedom through faith or diversity in community
Jacqueline Elizabeth Watson

Meaning-making from wordless (or nearly wordless) picturebooks: what educational research expects and what readers have to say
Evelyn Arizpe

Powerful knowledge, esoteric knowledge, curriculum knowledge
John Beck

Powerful knowledge: an analytically useful concept or just a ‘sexy sounding term’? A response to John Beck’s ‘Powerful Knowledge, Esoteric Knowledge, Curriculum Knowledge’
Michael Young

How should researchers in Education operationalise on-task behaviours?
P. Gill and R. Remedios

Performativity, work-related emotions and collective research identities in UK university education departments: an exploratory study
Michael Wilson and Chris Holligan

Exploring pupil participation within a sustainable school
Christina Katsenou, Evgenia Flogaitis and Georgia Liarakou

Using Harry Potter to teach literacy: different approaches
Beth Driscoll

Cambridge Journal of Education

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