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ARCHIVE: This material is no longer maintained and should be viewed for reference only

Volume 45 Number 1 March 2015
Special Issue: Evoking and Provoking Bourdieu in Educational Research


Evoking and provoking Bourdieu in educational research
Trevor Gale and Bob Lingard – guest editors


Habitus and the psychosocial: Bourdieu with feeling
Diane Reay

Researching the habitus of global policy actors in education
Bob Lingard, Sam Sellar and Aspa Baroutsis

Field theory and educational practice: Bourdieu and the pedagogic qualities of local field positions in educational contexts
Joseph J. Ferrare and Michael W. Apple

Thinking with Bourdieu: thinking after Bourdieu. Using ‘field’ to consider in/equalities in the changing field of English higher education
Ann-Marie Bathmaker

Calculating student aspiration: Bourdieu, spatiality and the politics of recognition
Trevor Gale and Stephen Parker

How Bourdieu bites back: recognising misrecognition in education and educational research
David James

Understanding new hybrid professions: Bourdieu, illusio and the case of public service interpreters
Helen Colley and Frédérique Guéry

Cambridge Journal of Education

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