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ARCHIVE: This material is no longer maintained and should be viewed for reference only

Cambridge Journal of Education

Volume 46 Number 4 December 2016



Ecological and intercultural citizenship in the primary English as a foreign language (EFL) classroom: an online project in Argentina
Melina Porto

The uncertainty and fragility of learning to teach: a Britzmanian lens on a student teacher story
Carmel Hinchion and Kathy Hall

Cultivating imaginative thinking: teacher strategies used in high-performing arts education classrooms
Josephine Fleming, Robyn Gibson, Michael Anderson, Andrew J. Martin and David Sudmalis

Bottling fog? The quest for instructional management
Joseph Murphy, Christine M. Neumerski, Ellen Goldring, Jason Grissom and Andy Porter

Father involvement in young children’s care and education: exploring boundaries and starting conversations
Rita Chawla-Duggan and Susan Milner

The inclusion of pseudowords within the year one phonics ‘Screening Check’ in English primary schools
Howard Gibson and Jennifer England

Primary teachers’ representational practices: from competency to fluency
Kim Nichols, Michael Stevenson, John Hedberg and Robyn Gillies

‘Sitting alone in the staffroom contemplating my future’: communities of practice, legitimate peripheral participation and student teachers’ experiences of problematic school placements as guests
David H. Johnston

Multilingualism as legitimate shared repertoires in school communities of practice: students’ and teachers’ discursive constructions of languages in two schools in England
Yongcan Liu and Michael Evans

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