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Development and dissemination


Higham, R. J. E., Brindley, S., & Van de Pol, J. (2014). Shifting the primary focus: assessing the case for dialogic education in secondary classrooms. Language and Education, 28:1, 86 - 99.

Conference presentations

Symposium Dialogic teaching in the secondary school: a critical engagement with issues using a case study approach, IAIMTE Conference 2015.

Chair: Dr Sue Brindley

Papers presented:

Vrikki, M., Conceptualizations of Dialogic Teaching by secondary school teachers.

Riga, F. A comparative account of the dialogic teaching strategires enacted by teachers of four secondary school subjects.

Symposium Dialogues in secondary school disciplines: their nature and development. BERA Conference 2014

Chair: Dr Sue Brindley

Higham, R., Brindley, S. and van de Pol, J. What are the distinctive characteristics of dialogue in secondary Religious Education?

Vrikki, M. Exploring the impact of dialogic strategies employed in a religious education classroom: A case study.

Riga, F. Dialogic Education in a Secondary School Maths Classroom: A case study.

Abedin, M. Interactions in a literature classroom - hidden dynamics: A case study.