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DiDiAC: Research Approach

School involvement

Research will take place simultaneously in Norway and the UK. In the UK, research will take place in two separate schools during the 2016-17 school year. The research will focus on the transition year into secondary education (Year 7). It is expected that, in each school, at least one teacher of English, social science and natural science will be involved.

Further details of the research will be made available here as the project progresses.

The contribution of DiDiAC

Building a research base in the field of technology-supported pedagogy is of strategic importance in both Norway and the UK. DiDiAC will make a major contribution to the still very limited knowledge in the field of dialogue and technology interaction. It is anticipated that the research schools will become ‘ambassadors’ for digitally-enhanced dialogic learning.

Research-based knowledge developed through the project will have implications for professional development. In addition, the research will inform the further enhancement of Talkwall and associated pedagogy and support materials.

DiDiAC responds to key challenges facing educators and students in today’s schools by developing a new theory of how learning occurs in contemporary contexts. The project will also offer insights into how teachers may best prepare students to harness 21st-century technologies and build 21st-century skills.