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EdTech Hub

group of happy looking girls and boys stand looking at a digital tablet


The £20m+ “Research and Innovation Hub on Technology for Education” (EdTech Hub) grant has been awarded to a consortium of 6 partners including the University of Cambridge. Funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) over 7 years, the EdTech Hub studies over how effective, culturally appropriate uses of EdTech do – and do not – help to accelerate, spread and scale system-level interventions that lead to better learning outcomes for children in low-income countries. Importantly, the Hub sets out to determine where EdTech offers the greatest value for money and social return on investment.

Research team

Principal Investigator and Research Co-Director

Senior Research Associate

Research Associate

Research Programme Administrator

  • Janice Sequeira

Research Advisors

External team members

The research team also includes members from Jigsaw Consult

  • David Hollow (Research Director, EdTech Hub)
  • Kalifa Damani (Researcher)
  • Saalim Koomar (Researcher)
  • Meaghan Brugha (Researcher)
  • Joel Mitchell (Consultant)

and Overseas Development Institute

  • Susan Nicolai (Research Director, EdTech Hub)
  • Adam Kreimeia (Researcher)

and Open Development & Education

  • Björn Haßler (Technical Director, EdTech Hub)
  • Sophia D'Angelo (Researcher)


Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)


Overseas Development Institute Results for DevelopmentBrinkJigsaw Open Development & Education


June 2019 – March 2027

Contact and social media

For any enquiries concerning the Hub’s work, please contact us


twitter: #EdTechHub