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Research Projects and Publications

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Some indicative examples of current and recently completed projects of members of the group are as follows:

Collaboration between Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, and Graduate School of Education, Nazarbayev University, to examine Kazakhstan school students’ well-being and engagement. Ros McLellan & Liz Winter with colleagues from Nazarbayev University. Funded by British Council.

Understanding the Origins and Experience of Mathematics Anxiety in primary and secondary school pupils.
Ros McLellan with Denes Suczs (Psychology Department).
Funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

How do we promote character, resilience & wellbeing in an educational climate of outcome accountability?
Ros McLellan & Bethan Morgan with the SUPER network.

Achievement and Inclusion in Schools across the four nations of the UK.
Kristine Black-Hawkins with colleagues from Edinburgh and Aberdeen Universities.
Funded by Wallenberg Research Centre for the Improvement of Education.

BUILD - Building diversity and belonging in primary classrooms: Supporting Early Career Teachers in the development of inclusive pedagogy.
Kristine Black-Hawkins & Ruth Kershner.
Funded by British Academy / Leverhulme.

Male teachers in primary schools: Examining identity and role expectations.
Jane Warwick, Paul Warwick and Simon Brownhill.
Funded by Newton Trust.

MUSICEUM (2017-8): Museums as inclusive spaces for early childhood music-making.
Pam Burnard.
Funded by Faculty R&D Fund.

Reviewing the Potential and Challenges of Developing STEAM Education through Creative Pedagogies for 21st Century Learning: how can school curricula be broadened towards a more responsive, dynamic and inclusive form of education?
Pam Burnard.
Funded by BERA.

Preparing UK and Ugandan Educational Professionals to Work with Students in/from Settings Affected by War and Trauma using Visual Voices methodology.
Hilary Cremin.
Funded by a Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA award.

Evaluator of the Learning Communities for Peace Project (Spain, Sweden, Greece, Croatia, UK, Belgium, France) using visual voices methodology on a theme of 'together and apart' for young people affected by forced migration and community conflict.
Hilary Cremin.
Funded by the Evens Foundation.