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An independent evaluation of Sparx Maths

An independent evaluation of Sparx Maths, an EdTech programme

A collaboration the Home Affairs and Social Policy team at RAND Europe and researchers in the Faculty of Education, this research project is an independent evaluation of Sparx Maths, and EdTech programme aiming to improve mathematics outcomes for secondary school pupils.

A digital solution, Sparx maths uses videos, homework questions, and an overall data-driven approach to provide a personalised classroom learning and homework experience for pupils and insights into their learning for teachers and parents.


The aim of the research is to understand if, and how, use of Sparx is associated to mathematics outcomes for year 7 and 8 pupils. Results of this research can contribute to a growing body of evidence about which EdTech approaches are effective at improving learning.


The research uses data from a number of schools using Sparx, collected from pupils who use Sparx regularly, and those who have never used it. It combines this with information on pupils’ mathematics outcomes in an externally-administered test and uses statistical methods including propensity score matching approaches to understand how use of Sparx is linked to pupils’ outcomes.

Study plan

To ensure transparency in the analytical approach, a study plan has pre-specified the analysis to be undertaken. The study plan can be found here

Key findings

The findings of the study are summarised here

A technical report outlining the full analytical procedure and results can be found here

Researchers from the Faculty of Education

Sonia Ilie

Sparx Maths