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About Us


The School-University Partnership for Educational Research (SUPER) was created in 1998 by a group of local headteachers and Professors David Hargreaves and Donald McIntyre in response to a national concern about the perceived lack of impact of the outcomes of educational research, (usually produced by Higher Education Institutions), upon policy-relevant and practical day to day issues in schools.

Who is involved?

Current members of the partnership include:

What does SUPER do?

  • A collaborative inquiry group of school Teacher Research Leads (TRLs) and faculty that meet throughout the year to discuss, share and plan research and reflect upon the partnership;
  • Occasional Core research across all schools e.g. exploring Pupil Wellbeing and Resilience: teachers’ and pupils’ perspectives via large-scale survey, systematic literature review, pupil interviews;
  • Hosting seminars and workshops open to all teachers in partnership with The Chartered College of Teaching (from 2018 onwards).

SUPER has also taken part in externally funded research projects e.g. Developing Warranted Practice in the use of ICT to support subject teaching and learning in the secondary school; and an examination of practitioner research and enquiry in Networked Learning Communities.