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Bottisham Village College

Bottisham Village College

Bottisham Village College strives to be a reflective community and is therefore keen to support and develop opportunities for action research within school, enabling review of our everyday practices. We have been part of SUPER for 8 years and were involved in the partnership research project which investigated the possible barriers to student engagement both from teachers’ and students’ perspectives. The outcomes of this research supported the development of our school priorities. Bottisham Village College has benefited from the support of our critical friend within the Faculty and the growing number of colleagues undertaking Master of Education degrees. The wider interest in research as a source of inquiry continues to improve teaching and learning throughout the college. We are currently developing the dissemination of research outcomes through the ‘Bottisham Buzz’ Teachmeet group, blog and staff presentations.

The Executive Principal and colleagues from the school have been involved in the development of action research with SUPER and schools in Kazakhstan resulting in regular internships with Kazakh teachers from two schools.

Jenny Rankine, the teacher research lead for the past 6 years, is now the Principal of Bottisham Village College. She completed the two year SUPER MEd in 2011, researching the impact of student voice for school improvement and a thesis on ‘teacher engagement in school based research; an action research case study’. Through her research she has learned that there are many positive aspects to teachers being involved in collaborative action research: increased self-esteem, confidence, motivation as well as supporting the development of strong professional relationships within the school community. Jenny is also a specialist leader of education in CPD for the Anglian Gateway Teaching school.

Teacher Research Lead

Katie Neville-Jones

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