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Felsted Primary School

Felsted Primary School

Felsted Primary School is an outstanding rural primary and part of the Dunmow Primary Consortium. The ‘Core Professional Purpose’ of the school is ‘Nurturing Today’s Minds for Tomorrow’s Challenges’. To do this, we believe that it is vital to encourage all the children to develop lively enquiring minds. In order for this to happen, it is important to recognise that all staff at the school should reflect on their practice to ensure that their lessons meet the needs of all children, and that they are stimulating, interesting and fun.

The school has been involved in research in the past, for example ‘The Essex Writing Project’, investigating the use of 'Cine Literacy’ to encourage reluctant writers, a study into the use of ‘Pupil Voice’ within the school and working with other primary schools in the Dunmow Consortium to research and improve pupils' achievement through the children collaborating together as learning partners.

During the 2015-2016 academic year, we are concentrating on how we can inspire Year Two boys with their writing. We want to enable the children to develop positive attitudes towards their writing and to have high levels of self-esteem and confidence in their own writing abilities. To help develop this in the Year Two children a group of Year 6 boys will be working with the younger children to support them in developing positive attitudes to writing and so leading to improved self-esteem. We will be focusing on self-help strategies for when a child is ‘stuck,’ enabling them to become more independent, to develop their perseverance skills and so become more confident in their own writing abilities. The Year 6 children will act as mentors and role models so that the Year 2 children can talk about how the feel with regards to writing, but so they can also see how to be a successful writer.

Interviews are being conducted with the Year Two children over time to measure their attitudes towards writing and how they see themselves as writers. We will be looking at which strategies have helped the children to become better writers, more confident in their own abilities and more excited about writing.

Teacher Research Lead: Charlotte Hart