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Samuel Whitbread Community College

Samuel Whitbread Academy

Samuel Whitbread Academy is a large 14 to 19 upper school in Central Bedfordshire. We have been a member of SUPER for the last nine years during which time our whole attitude and understanding of educational research has developed. We are now starting to understand the potentially profound affect research can have on improving the educational experience of our teachers and students alike.

Our involvement in SUPER enabled us to support many colleagues on the SUPER MEd over previous MEd cohorts. This, along with our involvement with the SUPER school research community, has resulted in a fundamental development in our understanding of, and approach to, the use of high quality educational research in our school.

We now involve actively all staff in classroom based pedagogical research through a school wide approach based on the Research Lesson Study model. This thinking was stimulated by our involvement with SUPER which has also resulted in our development of exploiting our Masters expertise across the staff to conduct high quality research into our own institution in order to help us clarify the real questions that we need to understanding as we seek to take Samuel Whitbread on the next step of its continued journey of improvement.

We feel that we are now in a very exciting phase in our development, part of a journey in which SUPER has played its part.

Teacher Research Lead: Clare Hood

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