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Stebbing Primary School

Stebbing Primary

Stebbing Primary school has been serving the village since 1878 and although our façade is a prime example of the traditional Victorian school, behind the front door it is a very different matter.

In 2006 we introduced the Montessori approach in our classrooms and over the past few years we have developed our practice. The result is a unique blend of the National Curriculum being taught through a topic, skills based approach, with a Montessori ethos throughout the school. This leads to independent learners, who take on responsibility for both themselves and the environment around them. Our children are expected to organise themselves, communicate in an appropriate fashion and to challenge themselves to extend their learning.

At Stebbing we aim to educate the “whole” child. This means developing a warm, happy and friendly environment where each child can work towards maximising their full potential in personal, social and academic enterprise. We create an atmosphere where all our children are valued and value each other.

At Stebbing we offer pupils an exciting opportunity to begin their education being equipped with the skills, knowledge and approach to sustain them on their learning journeys. Being part of the Cambridge University SUPER group will, we hope, offer us and help us to further reflect and improve our education provision .