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Teacher research workshops are taking place in the Faculty of Education between September 2013 and May 2014. Further research and development work will take place in each school, focusing on priorities for implementing and evaluating different aspects of inclusive pedagogy.

A photograph of various "spider diagrams" on large pieces of paper on the floor, filled out with various colours of pen. Around them are the feet of five seated figures, evidently looking down at the charts.
Sharing ideas about key concepts

Our Objectives

Our research objectives are:

  1. To understand the views of early career teachers, school leaders and pupils about children’s classroom experiences of diversity and belonging.
  2. To examine the construction of different perspectives through dialogue within and between ECTs, school leaders and pupils in the same school.
  3. To support ECTs’ inclusive pedagogical thinking in ways that actively attend to the matches and mismatches between children’s classroom experiences and the dilemmas faced by school management.
  4. To produce materials, in collaboration with the early career teachers, for wider use in initial teacher education.

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