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People and Contacts

General contact

For inquiries about the SUPER partnership please contact:
Dr Ros McLellan
Faculty of Education, 184 Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 8PQ
Tel. +44 (0)1223 767600

Faculty Team

School Contacts

Bottisham Village College
Lode Road, Bottisham, Cambs, CB25 9DL
Tel: 01223 811250 Fax: 01223 813123
Principal: Jenny Rankine Teacher Research Lead: Katie Neville-Jones

Impington Village College
New Road, Impington, Cambridge, CB24 9LX
(01223) 200400
Principal: Ryan Kelsall
Teacher Research Lead: Beth Morrish

Samuel Whitbread Academy
Shefford Road, Clifton, Shefford, Beds, SG17 5QA
Tel: 01462 629900 Fax: 01462 629901
Headteacher: Nick Martin  Teacher Research Lead: Clare Hood
Soham Village College
Sand Street, Soham, Cambs, CB7 5AA
Tel: 01353 724100 Fax: 01353 624854
Headteacher: Dr Carin Taylor Teacher Research Lead:  Krista Carson 

Dunmow Primary Consortium
Lead Contact: Colin Raraty Teacher Research Leads: Abigail Thurgood-Buss, Charlotte Hart