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St Ivo School

St Ivo School is an inclusive 11-18 academy which serves the community of St Ives and its surrounding area. Former Head, Howard Gilbert was one of the instigators in forming the SUPER partnership. The school, under the current Head, Sam Griffin continues with active involvement in SUPER.

A number of colleagues completed the SUPER MEd with research findings being embedded in school. These have included a study of homework types which has altered homework setting practice in school; a case study exploring the effect of positive psychology techniques which has led to student and staff mindfulness sessions and a study on the use of iPads within school leading to all teaching staff being issued with iPads for use in the classroom.

St Ivo are actively involved in the SUPER project researching how to build character resilience and wellbeing in a climate of outcome accountability. Over the year we are looking forward to seeing this project progress and collaborating with all the SUPER schools.

Teacher Research Lead: Anne Barratt

Anne is part of the Teaching and Learning Executive at St Ivo School. Anne completed the SUPER MEd in 2015 conducting case study research into the value to Key Stage 4 students of studying for Level 1 qualifications. The continuing approach to inclusive education at St Ivo sees a number of students benefitting from studying for Level 1 qualifications and the support offered in this teaching environment.