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Google Apps Calendar

The University Computing Service (UIS) have launched an official Google Calendar service for the University, which has been configured to use Raven authentication. In addition, there is a token system to allow non-web-based access (for example to synchronise a calendar stored elsewhere with your Google calendar).

Having an online calendar lets you keep track of your appointments and also lets you share your calendar with others, for example colleagues in your Institution; you can also have up-to-date information from various useful University calendars automatically fed into your personal calendar.

The UIS will be relying on Google's own documentation for much of this service, as Google reserves the right to modify it without notice. The documentation at provides a brief introduction, as well as information about Cambridge-specific features and UIS-provided calendars.

These webpages present brief instructions on how to sign up for an Online Calendar, and how to use it with Thunderbird and configure on an iPhone, further information, including video demonstrations are available at:

How to Enrol for a Calendar

  1. Click here to open the "Google Apps @ Cambridge: Introduction" page.
  2. Then click on the “Google Apps @ Cambridge calendar” link as highlighted below. You will then need to login with your Raven ID and password.

Google Apps at Cambridge Calendar

  1. Read the terms and conditions of the service, if you agree, click the “I accept” button.
  2. Then on the next screen click “ok”, you will then receive an email to confirm you have enrolled and your web browser will take you to the web page of your calendar.

Once you have enrolled with the service you will be able to create and view shared calendars. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not enrol with the calendar service first any invitations to view a shared calendar will not be successful.

Setting up a shared Calendar

  1. To create a shared calendar you need to view your personal calendar, on the left under “My calendars” click “Settings” and then click “Create new calendar” button you will then see a screen similar to the one below.

My Google Apps Calendar

  1. Fill in the fields with the information for your shared calendar. You can share the calendar with people at this point by entering their full Cambridge email address in the “Share with specific people” box (highlighted) at the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Now you need to select the level of access to the calendar, the options are:
Permission level options Explanation
Make changes AND manage sharing The same control as you
Make changes to events Can add, delete and change an event but not change the sharing options
See all event details Can see everything but change nothing
See only free/busy (hide details) Can see busy time but no further information

  1. When you have selected the permission level click the “Add Person” button, you can then add more people as you need.
  2. Once completed click the “Create Calendar” button to create your calendar. People you have given access to will receive an automated email informing them that you have shared a calendar with them. You can return to this page in the future to add/remove people from the calendar.