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Collecting your passwords

Signup – How to collect your initial passwords

If you are a new student or member of staff, your College or the Faculty will have pre-registered you for your UIS computing accounts.

Collecting your password from outside the University

During the summer, new students will be sent an email from the Student Registry containing detailed instructions and a link to the CamSIS Student Registration web pages.

The timing of this will vary:

  • Undergraduates - late August
  • Postgraduates - early August

Collecting your password once you have arrived in Cambridge

You will need to use a computer connected to the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN) in order to collect your initial password.

To do so at the Faculty of Education please use the machines in the following rooms

  • Donald McIntyre Building (DMB) rooms - 1S4, 1S5, 1S7
  • Donald McIntyre Building (DMB) - Education Library

At the logon screen type 'signup' and no password then follow the instructions.

The UIS Password

UIS Password

Your UIS password provides you with access to these central computing services:

Please note: Hermes email service has now been discontinued and replaced by Microsoft Outlook 365.

Further information: UIS help pages

EDUC Password

EDUC Password

The Faculty of Education provides Staff and some research students with an EDUC password.

This provides access to the Education desktops computers, file stores and printers.

Lost Passwords

Lost Passwords (and how to change)

If you forget your UIS password

Get a Password Reset Token from the IT Office or the UIS Service Desks.


If you forget you EDUC password

Reset your EDUC password by contacting the IT Office – For distance learners, this may be possible remotely.


Compromised Passwords

Compromised passwords: what to do

If you think someone has discovered your password, or that your computing service account has been breached, you should:

  1. Immediately change your password
  2. Check all your University accounts for signs of misuse
  3. Report any suspected misuse to the IT Office.

Report serious security breaches immediately

If you suspect serious misuse of any University systems, immediately report it to the University Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)