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PEDAL: Centre for Research on Play in Education, Development & Learning

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What is PEDAL?

Our mission is to conduct academic research into the role of play in young children’s lives and to inform wider practice and policy.  PEDAL is located in the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Education, and was launched in October 2015 with funding from the LEGO Foundation. PEDAL is part of the Psychology, Education and Learning Studies Research Group at the Faculty.


PEDAL Hub - our new play research website

Current and credible play research is hard to find, and often even harder to understand. PEDAL Hub is our new online resource that helps parents, practitioners, teachers, NGOs and policy-makers locate authoritative play research as well as understand its practical implications. Features include a keyword search tool that locates the abstracts of a suite of relevant research papers,  as well as 'Play Pieces', our user-friendly digests of key concepts, findings and theories. Do check it out and let us know what you think!

Conference poster'Learning to Play and Playing to Learn' Conference 

A one-day conference jointly organised by the PEDAL and REAL Centres at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge on Tuesday, 2nd July 2019.

This event aims to investigate where and how play-based learning has a role in education in low income countries, as well as in low resource settings within middle and higher income countries. It will include panel presentations and discussions drawing on evidence to identify:

  • how play-based learning is undertaken in different settings, and its contribution to early learning;
  • how play-based learning is measured, including to track progress in the context of the Sustainable Development Goal targets, with a focus on early childhood education and early learning;
  • the future of play-based learning in a changing world, with a focus on care-givers, curricula and learning for the 21st Century.

The conference will bring together researchers, policy actors and non-governmental organisations.

Join the waiting list for this event - tickets will be confirmed ASAP.

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