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Undergraduate Study

The Education Tripos at Cambridge is an inter-disciplinary joint honours degree designed to give you the opportunity concurrently to engage in the intensive study of education, while developing specialist interest in a related academic discipline.

What is the Study of Education?

Education - with the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge at its heart - is one of the most important and powerful cultural currents of change and growth in the modern world. These key characteristics are reflected in the structure of the Education Tripos, a diverse and intellectually exciting course which opens up a wide range of employment opportunities and careers in educational research, policy-making and teaching in the UK and abroad.

Undergraduate studentEducation, as a major social science in its own right, explores the intellectual, social and psychological development of the child and young person from birth through to adulthood and the role of literacy, language and creativity in learning. It examines the historical contexts shaping educational ideas and movements and the underlying philosophical principles and political beliefs promoting notions of meritocracy, equality, social inclusion, poverty alleviation and human rights.

At Cambridge, you will engage with these important contemporary themes and ongoing debates, developing and applying a form of critical literacy suited to addressing the varieties of evidence generated and used by educational researchers, policy-makers and professionals.

The University online prospectus also gives much of the information covered in these pages.

Is Education right for me? In this section you will be able to find out how to sample our courses for yourself, register an interest in our open day, and watch our very own Virtual Open Day.

Further information. How to apply, useful addresses, links, and information on how to find us.

Student Profiles. Find out what current BA students have to say about the education courses.

A degree with a Future

The Education BA has links with the Faculty's Outstanding PGCE courses, making the degree a perfect starting place for those who want to teach. It is also the perfect grounding in educational research so that those who wish to enhance their study are well placed to study for a Masters qualification.

Cambridge myths: True or False?

MA Masters MPhil MEd Degree Postgraduate Faculty of Education University of Cambridge

There are a large number of myths about who gets to study at Cambridge. If you want to read the facts and decide for yourself, then click here.

A flair for dramatic art and
inter-related areas?
A commitment to
global education?
An interest in the processes of teaching and learning?
drama global teaching

Choosing the Education Tripos offers you the chance to develop these diverse interests and much more...