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ERI: Events and Seminars

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The ERI Open Seminar Series is a platform for analysis, discussion and critique of recent educational reforms and innovations in diverse international contexts.

Together with our partner organisations, we offer talks and seminars at the Faculty of Education.

In addition to upcoming seminars, you can also access our archive of past seminars and the now concluded Kazakhstan Open Seminar Series.

Young People's Mental Health in Schools: Understanding and Responding to the Evidence

A talk from Professor. Gordon Harold hosted by ERI in collaboration with Cambridge Forum (CF)

Wednesday 16th May 2018, 16.00-18.00, DMB GS5

mentalhealthProfessor Gordon Harold holds the Andrew and Virginia Rudd Chair and is Professor of Child and Adolescent Mental Health in the School of Psychology at the University of Sussex. Harold’s primary research interests focus on examining the impact of early rearing adversities (e.g. inter-parental conflict, negative parenting, parent mental health) on child and adolescent mental health (e.g. depression, anxiety, conduct problems), the interplay between genetic factors, pre-natal, post-natal rearing experiences and children’s mental health, and translating research-led recommendations to practice and policy contexts.

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