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ARCHIVE: This material is no longer maintained and should be viewed for reference only

CJE: Articles appearing in Volume 35 No.1

March 2005

Special Issue:
Provocations to/in Mathematics Education
Guest Editor:Leone Burton

Leone Burton

Values education in the mathematics classroom: subject values, educational values and one teacher's articulation of her practice
Liz Bills and Chris Husbands

Getting political and unravelling layers of gendered mathematical identifications
Margaret Walshaw

Can scientific research answer the 'what' question of mathematics education?
Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen

Acting is learning: focus on the construction of mathematical concepts
Ferdinando Arzarello, Ornella Robutti and Luciana Bazzini

Beyond discourse and interaction. Variation: a critical aspect for teaching and learning mathematics
Ulla Runesson

Rethinking the tertiary mathematics curriculum
Peter Petocz and Anna Reid

Learning as cultural and relational: moving past some troubling dualisms - a personal commentary on the papers in this special issue
Phil Hodkinson

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