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Cambridge Journal of Education

Volume 47 Number 3 September 2017



To what extent does a regional dialect and accent impact on the development of reading and writing skills?
Julia Snell & Richard Andrews

Upwardly mobile working-class adolescents: A biographical approach on habitus dislocation
Michael Christodoulou & Manos Spyridakis

Shakespeare, adaptation and 'matters of trust'
Shari Sabeti

Structured and unstructured homeschooling: A proposal for broadening the taxonomy
Ari Neuman & Oz Guterman

Young people and alcohol—where’s the risk? Changing the focus of school based prevention initiatives
Margaret Petrie

Legal teaching methods to diverse student cohorts: a comparison between the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand
Diane Kraal

Children’s rights in education research: From aims to outcomes
Hilary Smith & Stephen Haslett

Cambridge Journal of Education

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