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Cambridge Journal of Education

Volume 48 Number 6 December 2018



Access, participation and capabilities: theorising the contribution of university bursaries to student well-being, flourishing and success
Neil Harrison, Sarah Davies, Richard Harris & Richard Waller

Untapped learning potential? A study of teachers’ conversations with colleagues in primary schools in Norway
Edel Karin Kvam

Students’ perceptions of global citizenship at a local and an international school in Israel
Miri Yemini & Shira Furstenburg

Stories children write while coding: a cross-disciplinary approach for the primary classroom
L. Hammersley-Fletcher, M. Clarke & V. McManus

Compliance through care and commitment: why young people do as adults ask
Colin B. Price & Ruth M. Price-Mohr

The effects of a tripartite ‘participative’ university senate on university governance: the case of the University of Chile
Javier Núñez & Benjamin Leiva

One world in schools: an evaluation of the human rights education programme in the Republic of Georgia
Jan Činčera, Jan Skalík & Bohuslav Binka

Is powerful educational knowledge possible?
Jim Hordern

Cambridge Journal of Education

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