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ARCHIVE: This material is no longer maintained and should be viewed for reference only

CJE: Articles appearing in Volume 36 No.3

September 2006

Special Issue: Creativity in Education
Guest Editor: Pamela Burnard

Editorial: Reflecting on the creativity agenda in education
Pamela Burnard

Creativity and education: an American retrospective
David Henry Feldman and Ann C. Benjamin

Fostering creativity with wisdom
Anna Craft

Thinking at the edge: developing soft creativity
Guy Claxton

Adaptive educational environments as creative spaces
Daria Loi and Patrick Dillon

Creating good education against the odds
Wendy Fishman, Jennifer A. DiBara and Howard Gardner

Creative teaching and learning: towards a common discourse and practice
Bob Jeffrey

Creativity, uncertainty and discomfort: teachers as writers
Teresa Cremin

Arias of learning: creativity and performativity in Australian teacher education
Julie White

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