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ARCHIVE: This material is no longer maintained and should be viewed for reference only

CJE: Articles appearing in Volume 36 No.4

December 2006

General Issue
Editor: Peter Cunningham

Obituary: Professor Terence McLaughlin 1949-2006
Phil Gardner

Peter Cunningham

Opening Classroom Interaction: The Importance of Feedback
Heather Smith and Steve Higgins

Pedagogy and dialogue
David Skidmore

Enhancing participation in primary school and class councils through visual communication
Sue Cox and Anna Robinson-Pant

'Not Only This, But Also That!' Translating the Social and Political Motivations Underpinning Enterprise and Citizenship Education into Scottish Schools
Ross Deuchar

Who is teaching your child? The issue of unqualified subject specialists in Northern Ireland
Patricia Eaton, Irene Bell, Julian Greenwood and John McCullagh

Making all the flashy stuff work: the role of the Principal in ICT integration
Debra Hayes

Work Related Learning for Students with Significant Learning Difficulties: Relevance and reality
Susan Waite, Hazel Lawson and Christopher Robertson

Citizenship, Citizenship Education, and the State in China in a Global Age
Wing-Wah Law

Book reviews

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