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ARCHIVE: This material is no longer maintained and should be viewed for reference only

Volume 44 Number 4 December 2014

Special Issue: What can Inclusive Education learn from Philosophy?



Inclusive education and the philosophy of education: what can inclusive education learn from philosophy?
Kristine Black-Hawkins – Guest editor

Inclusive pedagogy: ideas from the ethical philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas
Wayne Veck

Can an expanded interpretation of phronesis support teacher professional development for inclusion?
Lani Florian & Archie Graham

Reframing inclusive education: educational equality as capability equality
Lorella Terzi

Recognising value tensions that underlie problems in inclusive education
Brahm Norwich

Inclusive education and the arts
Julie Allan

Recognising misrecognition in education and educational research
David James

Inclusive research and inclusive education: why connecting them makes sense for teachers’ and learners’ democratic development of education
Melanie Nind

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