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ARCHIVE: This material is no longer maintained and should be viewed for reference only

Volume 45 Number 4 December 2015


‘It’s very much taken as an insult if I say anything’: do new educators have a right to speak their mind?

Misty Adoniou

A pedagogy of belonging: troubling encounters with ethnic and religious difference
Kathryn Edgeworth & Ninetta Santoro

The effects of scientific representations on primary students’ development of scientific discourse and conceptual understandings during cooperative contemporary inquiry-science
Robyn M. Gillies, Kim Nichols & Asaduzzaman Khan

Antecedents of Norwegian beginning teachers’ turnover intentions
Dijana Tiplic, Christian Brandmo & Eyvind Elstad

Immigrant pupils in elementary classrooms of Cyprus: how teachers view them as learners of mathematics
Constantinos Xenofontos

School reform for positive behaviour support through collaborative learning: utilising lesson study for a learning community
Eisuke Saito, Miki Watanabe, Robyn Gillies, Ikuo Someya, Takashi Nagashima, Masaaki Sato & Masatsugu Murase

Developing reading comprehension with moving image narratives
Fiona Maine & Robin Shields

The physical placement of classroom technology and its influences on educational practices
J. Tondeur, E. De Bruyne, M. Van Den Driessche, S. McKenney & D. Zandvliet

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