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Rudd Centre

Welcome to the Andrew and Virginia Rudd Research and Professional Practice Centre

The Andrew and Virginia Rudd Research and Professional Practice Centre is a newly established research centre located at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.

The Rudd Centre is a research-intensive initiative that engages state-of-the-art scientific and practice-based advances to inform knowledge of how family, school and community processes influence children’s development, mental health and life chances. At its core, the centre's primary mission is to improve understanding of how evidence-informed supports may be offered early to those most vulnerable and at-risk, with a particular focus on:

  • family dynamics and young people's development
  • adoption
  • foster-care
  • institutionalisation
  • family separation
  • domestic adversity
  • care system and social care
  • disadvantage and inequality

While the Rudd Centre has at its core a research focus to its primary activities, it has a bottom-line practice and policy purpose to its output. Find out more information about the Rudd Centre

Rudd Centre

Contact us

Rudd Centre
Faculty of Education
University of Cambridge
184 Hills Road

Centre Director

Professor Gordon Harold

Centre Deputy Director

Dr Ruth Sellers