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Doctoral Paths: Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is the course code for PhD?


Q: What is the course code for EdD?

A: ED71

Q: I have been told that my status is PhD (Probationary). What does this mean?

A: The status of all PhD students upon admission is ‘probationary’. They remain ‘probationary’ until they have passed their registration viva (usually at the end of the first year full-time or second year part-time) after which they are formally registered for the PhD.

Q: Your website says a 1,500 word research proposal should be submitted with my application. However, the space on the application form only has space for a summary. What should I do?

A: You only need to provide an overview on the application form. You should upload the full research proposal via your self-service account.

Q: I am a continuing student. Do I need to submit two academic references?

A: All applicants for the PhD in Education must provide two academic references.

Q: I have missed the deadline. Can I still apply?

A: The Faculty does not accept applications after the deadline.

Q: Can I live abroad and just travel to Cambridge a few times a year?

A: Full-time doctoral students must live within ten miles of Cambridge. Part-time students should normally live within 4 hours travelling distance of the Faculty. There are taught sessions every week in the first year (first two years for part-timers) and all students are expected to participate in the academic life of the Faculty throughout their studies.

Q: Can I start the PhD in January or April?

A: We only have an October intake in the Faculty. This is because we use the first year to build a doctoral community and so everyone must commence the course at the same time and attend the sessions together.

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