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The Education Library provides a beautiful study environment and houses a specialist collection of over 55,000 items on education and related fields.

It is staffed by a team of friendly and experienced professionals who offer personalised information services and support for students throughout their academic studies. The librarians are experts in searching and sourcing materials both digitally and in print, and provide advice and training for students on the literature search/research cycle.

Face to-face services are complemented online by the Moodle Education Portal which provides access to extensive electronic resources & information tailored to course requirements.

Your College will also have a library containing the standard texts needed for the course, along with other materials relating to Education. The main University Library (or UL) is one of six legal deposit libraries, holding more than eight million books, journals and other documents.

The Faculty and your College, together with the University Information Services (UIS), provide excellent computing facilities to help you with your academic work. All Education students benefit from outstanding IT facilities. The Faculty has three IT rooms equipped with a variety of Windows PCs and Apple Macs.