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About Us

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Knowledge, Power and Politics (KPP), formerly Culture, Politics and Global Justice (CPGJ) is an interdisciplinary group whose research problematises 'education’ as it is mediated through:

  • social institutions (state/school/family/market),
  • political economies across spaces (urban areas/nation states/regions/digital platforms),
  • knowledge systems (epistemes such as Western modernity, de/coloniality and neoliberalism),
  • governing projects (policies, practices and pedagogies), and the social and cultural production of identities (learners, teachers, workers, citizens).

To engage in this agenda we draw upon a broad range of critical social theories from different disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, economics, geography, history, politics and law.

Our work is committed to examining and intervening in pressing social and moral issues such as: global human movement; conflict and displacement; growing socio-economic inequalities and indebtedness; decolonising knowledge and the call for epistemological diversity; the politics of big data and new modes of governance.

Research Strands/ Themes

Our research is interlaced across three themes.