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Open Seminars

Open Seminar

Our popular Mathematics Education Research Seminar Series, with invited external speakers, is open to everyone. If you wish to subscribe to the mailing list for the seminars, visit this site and follow the instructions.

Most recent seminar

Classroom challenges: Low numeracy, maths anxiety and digital transformation

9th November 2022, 4:30pm - 5:45pm

Over Zoom: Meeting ID 208 1384 3192  |   Passcode 917269   |  direct link

Flavia H. Santos, University College Dublin, Ireland

Low numeracy is a multi-layered matter with intricate relations among biopsychosocial factors. It rises beneath unique educational scenarios involving actors such as family, teachers, and pupils. Teaching and learning outlying initiatives that do not resonate in all environments of the child, even if proper, can be timewise ineffective. I highlight the initial outcomes of the Arithmós Project, funded by the Irish Research Council to unravel core matters of maths education. This multidimensional project is a ground-breaking approach to tackling issues related to Maths Anxiety, which often triggers low numeracy.
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Previous speakers

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