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Open Seminars

Open Seminar

Our popular Mathematics Education Research Seminar Series, with invited external speakers, is open to everyone. If you wish to subscribe to the mailing list for the seminars, visit this site and follow the instructions.

Next seminar

Mathematical flexibility: A promising focus for research and practice

Jon Star, Harvard University

17th April 2024, 2 - 3:30pm  |   Location: Donald McIntyre Building, Room GS4

Abstract: Mathematical flexibility is increasingly recognized as an important construct of interest for both researchers and practitioners in mathematics education. Flexibility can be characterized as a learner’s willingness to change strategies based on the particular problem-solving conditions or goals. In this talk, I first provide an introduction to flexibility. I then explore different ways that flexibility has been assessed, highlighting successes and challenges in the various forms of assessment. I then present recent empirical research results on flexibility, and I conclude by suggesting some promising areas for future research on flexibility. 

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