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About Us

Elements table in 3d Science Education Centre Cambridge

The Science and Technology Education Research Group themes of interest include:

  • Thinking and learning in science and technology
  • Pedagogy and curriculum development in science and technology
  • Science and technology teacher preparation and development
  • Teaching and learning about the nature of science and technology

A wide variety of theoretical perspectives (e.g. psychological, philosophical, sociological, and historical) have been successfully adopted in these fields as represented in the main international handbooks. These include various flavours of constructivism, and various cognitivist perspectives. However, as reflects the field, particular projects and collaborations will be developed with appropriate perspectives. You may wish to refer to a fuller, indicative, list of recent and current project topics related to science and technology education. 

We welcome informal enquiries from prospective applicants whose research interests are well matched to members of the group offering supervision at these levels (as indicated by * on the Staff page). Potential applicants should visit our page giving general information for those interested in applying to join the group as research students. Information on ongoing projects of current research students can be found on our Research Students page.


The group holds open seminars related to its key themes of Science and Technology Education and there is also a list of previous seminars.


Our Library's new books about science, technology & mathematics education.

Academic Visitors

The group occasionally hosts formal visits from visiting scholars who are collaborating with members of the group. Please visit our page offering some outline information about being a visiting scholar in the science and technology research group.