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Science and Technology Education Staff


Staff members of the group are listed below. Where possible, names are linked to personal profiles which contain contact details and further information about research and teaching activities. In the listing, a blue star (star) indicates those available to supervise research students.


Keith Taber

Professor of Science Education
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Shawn Bullock's profile unavailable

Academic Staff

Sara Baker

Professor of Developmental Psychology and Education
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James de Winter

Associate Teaching Professor in Science Education
Subject Leader: Physics
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Michelle Ellefson

Professor of Cognitive Science
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Yi Feng

Affiliated Lecturer
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Bill Nicholl

University Associate Professor

Fran Riga

Teaching Associate
Science Education
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Mark Winterbottom

Professor of Education, Deputy Head of Faculty
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Paul Warwick

University Associate Professor
Primary Science & Professional Studies
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Research students

Research students associated with the Research Group.

Secretarial support to Chair

Ann Waterman (